2023 Box and Membership Improvements

Crochet Alongs will be the overarching theme of the changes and I’m very excited about this! Each box will now have a crochet along (CAL for short) option, more support, and more opportunities to connect with other crocheters. There is also a NEW membership coming and all box subscribers will get this as a part of their subscription! Lastly, the private Facebook group for subscribers is getting a revamp! 

Read on for more information of the exciting changes! 

Crochet Along Options added to Subscription Boxes

There will be a few additions to the Yarn Bits Shop experience! 

Both boxes will now have a Crochet Along (CAL) option added to the patterns. With each box, there will be a link with a QR code for opting into the CAL for that particular pattern. Once you opt in, you will immediately get your first email for the first part of the CAL. After that, you will get an email every week with the next part of the pattern and links to supporting videos and links to specific posts in the private Facebook group to share your WIP. 

The boxes themselves will still contain the full printed pattern and the CAL option is designed to break up the pattern and act as a reminder on a weekly basis so your WIP pile doesn’t keep piling up! There is no set schedule for the subscription box CAL since subscribers will most likely get boxes at different times and may not be ready to start the project immediately. The CAL opt-in is flexible based on YOUR schedule but there will be check-ins for each week of the pattern so you can still have the CAL experience! 

As for the length of the CALs- CrochetMastery boxes are bimonthly and the pattern will be between 6 and 8 parts. BlanketBoxes are quarterly and the CAL for each box will be between 10 and 12 weeks long. All other parts of the box will not be changing! 

NEW Membership: Crochet Along Society

Continuing with the CAL theme, a brand NEW digital only option will be available in March and will begin in April. The new membership will be Yarn Bits Shop’s Crochet Along Society and it will be only $7 per month

The Crochet Along Society will be a monthly CAL of a small project or a set of motifs patterns. The projects will be seasonal and a mix of patterns (wearables, accessories, decorations, etc.). This membership is ideal if you have a stash of yarn, and/or love smaller projects, and/or love CAL experiences and connecting with other crocheters on a single project! 

There will be an optional kit for the month’s CAL to purchase each month too.

How Crochet Along Society Works

The pattern of the week will be released on Friday afternoons EST via email and in the private Facebook group. There will also be a hub where all the components are stored for the month along with supporting videos. In addition, there will be several digital goodies for members to use each month. The pattern will be available for one month after the month featured for CALS members- for example, the April CALs will be available through the end of May. PLUS Members will also get 10% off any order (except subscriptions) in the Yarn Bits Shop. 

As a box subscriber, this is included in your subscription by default! Box subscribers will continue to receive 20% off Yarn Bits Shop products and box subscribers will have the pattern in their hub indefinitely. 

Click button below to join NOW. You won’t renew until May 1st if you join before April 1st, 2023. 

Timing of New Changes

In March 2023, the private Facebook group for subscribers and CALS members (all one group!) will be reopened and improved with weekly posts for WIP pictures and a weekly Q&A post for any questions with the patterns or stitches (plus updates about the boxes themselves as they come up). The CALS pattern will be posted here weekly too. Lastly, the weekly special that Yarn Bits Shop has been featuring on Tuesdays will be shared in the group on Mondays for early access. 

The March CrochetMastery box and the April BlanketBox will be the first boxes that have the CAL option for the pattern. Crochet Along Society will begin April 1st with the first pattern component being sent out on April 7th.


CrochetMastery and BlanketBox will have a crochet along option for all patterns beginning with the next boxes. 

There is a NEW membership opening soon called Crochet Along Society. All box subscribers have access and it will be available for $7/month! CALS will be starting on April 1st. Click button below to join NOW. You won’t renew until May 1st if you join before April 1st, 2023. 

The subscribers only private Facebook group will be reopening in March and the CALS members will have access to this group when the membership begins!