I Love Yarn! Day

I Love Yarn Day is the second Saturday in October every year and it’s all about sharing what you love about yarn crafting!

From Lauren, owner of Yarn Bits Shop:

“I absolutely love yarn because it is a magical way to create and be artistic, but also because it is an amazing way to focus in the now, to de-stress, and so much more. Yarn itself has a wealth of opportunity alone with colors, types of fiber, and more. Add techniques (knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc), its opportunities multiply by an indefinite amount.” 

For a limited time only: Surprise Kits!

For each surprise kit, you will recieve at least one project kit and possibly extra yarn that is worth MORE than what you’re paying.

{For example: $35 value for $25 Surprise Kit! }

Only available until 10/11 and will ship 10/17