2022 Yarn Bits Shop Advent Crochet-Along Experience


The Yarn Bits Shop End-to-Beginning Advent Crochet Along is a 61 Day Crochet-Along throughout the month of December 2022 into February 2023 with additional surprises along the way!

This is the perfect way to take a break each day during the chaotic holiday month… and the beginning of the new year.

Basically- it’s the perfect gift for a crochet lover (which could be yourself!).

How this EXPERIENCE will work is you will get the yarn recommandation a WEEK before we start. This year’s yarn is a well loved yarn that is easy to find in stores and online. Then starting December 1st, you’ll get an automated email for every part of the pattern (every 1-4 days!) throughout.

The final project is…. an uniquely designed blanket featuring SEVERAL crochet techniques and special stitches.

Included in this experience:
61 day Crochet Along Pattern ($31 value)
Automated emails for reminders with new pattern parts ($31 value)
Exclusive Facebook Pop-Up Group for December-January ($200 value)
Exclusive Giveaways for active partcipants throughout via email and Group (Priceless!)

Total Value: $350+ !!


See below for a sneak peek! Note- This is a VERY small part of the pattern!