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Holiday Gift Making Prep​ Workshop

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About the free workshop:

Inside, I’m sharing…
How to get ready to make gifts for your friends and loved ones

How to avoid the last minute rush

Step by Step Guidence DURING workshop for preparing

About the teacher:

Hi! I'm Lauren!

I'm an subscription box owner and crocheting entrepreneur who helps crocheters of all levels to start or level up their crocheting so that they can use crochet as a creative medium and stress reliever.

I'm an engineer by trade but always had a deep love for the fiber arts. I learned how to knit way back in third grade and crochet in high school.

Fast-forward a couple years- I've crocheted through college physics, many seasons of many shows, and something like 170 blankets to refine my techniques, designs, and skillset to better serve my people. I've designed dozens of crochet patterns featuring many techniques and stitches and shipped thousands of project kit boxes to crocheters. I combined my engineering background and crocheting passion to create the Crochet Journey (and more!) and help crocheters of all levels (including complete newbies!) level up!

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See you there! Lauren Samar Yarn Bits Shop Owner