Crochet Journey

Your Crochet Journey

The Crochet Journey is designed to help you determine where you are and where you want to go. Because crocheting is a beautiful passion, but it is also a skill set. Envision what you want to do with crocheting and let us help you. Not everyone will want to grow to be an overall expert crocheter and that is perfectly okay. There’s no right or wrong here- but having a low-key goal and journey will help you grow to be the crocheter you want to be faster and with more ease than having no journey at all.

Foundation Round: The Chain You have a desire to learn and practice crochet.
Round 1: Single Crochet Beginner Crocheter
Round 2: Half Double Crochet Easy-Intermediate Crocheter
Round 3: Double Crochet Intermediate Crocheter
Round 4: Triple Crochet Intermediate-Advanced Crocheter
Round 5: Double Triple Crochet Expert crocheter


Perfect for beginners.


Designed for intermediate to advanced crocheters.


Perfect for intermediate crocheters.

Large BlanketBox

Perfect for intermediate crocheters.

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Foundation Round

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5


Both BlanketBox options include
one main pattern with variations to increase or decrease its difficulty
 based on your needs.


Patterns feature special stitches and fun items that are less challenging.


Patterns feature techniques 
or special stitches that are 
designed to be more challenging.