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Subscription Questions

Over the course of the year, there is a wide range of variety in yarns, brands, and colors to allow for a full (and fun!) experience of trying out different yarns. As for projects, YarnBits Box does not include any patterns and BlanketBox projects are always blankets but different designs. QuickProjects and CrochetMastery will be more diverse- home accessories, wearables, decorations, and more. Take a look at our Best Sellers page to learn more!

The two main things to think about are your skill levels and your project preferences (small, medium, or large). Take our product recommendation quiz to find out more!  

We offer multiple subscription options dependent on your skill level and project preferences. We operate on the philosophy that all crocheters are on a journey, and we help you realize and achieve your goals on that journey with access to Crochet Journey guide.

Your first box will be shipping soon (see below for specific examples of shipping dates)! You also can join the subscribers only Facebook group.

Yarn Bits Shop previously offered a BlanketBox option that included ~2,000m of yarn to create a smaller throw than the currently available ~3,000m yarn option. However, the ~2,000m yarn BlanketBox was discontinued indefinitely as of April 2021. Pre-existing subscribers to the ~2,000m yarn option will have the opportunity to renew their ~2,000m BlanketBox subscriptions for the foreseeable future, but we will not be taking new subscribers for this option.


Dependent on the date of the order and the subscription, it could be ASAP if the order was placed early in the month and we’re not sold out. Otherwise, your first box will ship the first week of the following month that we’re shipping that subscription option. For example, if you placed an order for YarnBits or QuickProject monthly boxes on the 15th of November, your first box will ship the first week of December. If you purchased a CrochetMastery subscription, a mini welcome gift box will ship out within 5 days of your order date. If you purchased a BlanketBox subscription, your starter BlanketBox will ship within 5 days of your order date. After that, your boxes will ship according to their respective subscription schedules.

Absolutely! As of May 2021, you can skip a shipment and postpone your payment. To do so, log into your Yarn Bits Shop account and navigate to the Subscriptions tab from the menu in your account area. If you have multiple subscriptions, select the View button next to the subscription for which you’d like to skip a shipment. Once you’re on the page for that subscription, scroll down to Actions and click on the Skip a box button. To confirm that this action was successful, check that the Next payment date has been updated. Please note that your Skip a box request must be processed before your renewal to skip your next box and payment, otherwise you’ll end up skipping the box after next. For instance, if your payment for your June box is processed on May 11th, you must successfully skip a box before this date. If you hit Skip a box on or after this date, it will apply to your July shipment and associated renewal. For more detailed instructions on how to skip a box shipment, click here.

Starter boxes ship within 5 days of your order date. After that, we ship BlanketBox subscriptions in January, April, July, and October.

Your mini welcome gift box will ship within 5 days of your order date. After that, we ship CrochetMastery subscriptions in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

If your subscription is on CrateJoy Marketplace, please log into your CrateJoy account and go to your Account and Manage your Subscriptions. If your subscription is with our website, log into your account, go to Addresses and update your address there.

Keep in mind the shipping schedule for all the subscription boxes- some will not ship for a while dependent on when the order was placed. If your box was shipped, please wait 7-10 days after shipment before inquiring.


The two main things to consider are your crocheter’s skill levels and project preferences (small, medium, or large). Based on this, there may be a clear choice… You can always gift more than one subscription too! If you would like more help finding the perfect gift, email us at help@yarnbitsshop.com and we’ll help you choose!  

Yes, we offer gift orders. When checking out, put the address you want the subscription to ship to (gift recipient’s address). If you would like to include a note, please email us with the note you would like included!


We do not offer refunds for subscriptions that had at least one box shipped (For example- if you paid for 3 boxes and one box shipped, there are no refunds). If you renewed and would like a refund, you must request it within 3 days after being charged and there is a 10% fee for restocking and payment processing fees. After 3 days, there are no refunds offered.

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