QuickProjects Crocheting Subscription

Take the stress of finding new projects and yarns to explore away

Subscribing to QuickProjects is a stress-free gift to yourself of a fun, meditative crochet project every single month

Do you spend hours looking for your next project or always do the same one (even when you want a new one) to avoid the fustration of finding new patterns?  

What if you had a project with new yarn and a fun (and relaxing) project delievered straight to you? 

Do you want to save time and mental energy from figuring out your next crocheting adventure and just get to crocheting?

Subscribe to QuickProjects today

to skip all the searching for your next stress-free, meditative project

What is it exactly?

QuickProjects is a monthly crocheting subscription kit
featuring easy, stress-free, and fun crochet projects
and a variety of yarns.

The projects are seasonal as well as functional.

It is perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters alike! 

Included in every box:


Ships Monthly

Right now you’re:

Spending hours searching for your next relaxing crochet project instead of actually crocheting (and relaxing)! 

Running out of ideas for things you want to make that are useful, beautiful, and fun. 

Making the same projects over and over because that’s easier than finding a new favorite project.

Collecting yarn but not using it because you don’t know what to use it for. 

Imagine if:

You get a fresh project idea every month that inspires your crojo (crocheting mojo!)

You are experimenting with new yarns every single month and find a new favorite! 

You learn new stitches that are easy and fun to use in multiple projects. 

You don’t need to spend time spinning your wheels trying to decide on a project. 

Hey there, I'm Lauren!

I'm the founder and owner of Yarn Bits Shop!

 I started Yarn Bits Shop in November of 2018 and has been shipping boxes out to hundreds of crocheters every month since then. 

I’ve been crocheting for almost two decades and an crafter for basically all my life. I LOVE trying new projects, yarns, designing different items, and helping others. My professional background is in engineering which (honestly!!) helps me design crochet patterns and explain all things crochet in a systematic (but still fun way!)

I started Yarn Bits Shop and have evolved it to empower crocheters to expand their skill sets in a relaxing and fun way with the subscription boxes, project kits, and more. 

QuickProjects is one of the original subscription boxes and I have refined the box to be perfect for busy people that need relaxing projects, for beginners, and for crocheters that need a break from more complicated projects. Because I know how annoying it is to just want to crochet but not have an project to go to immediately! 

All the details!

What exactly comes with the boxes and the subscription? 

1-2 Skeins of Yarn
($12 value per box average)

In every box, a different yarn is featured for the project of the month. The yarn varies by brand, weight, and materials (no wool yarns!) depending on the project and season. 

Some previously featured brands: Lion Brand Yarns, Premier Yarns, Caron, Bernat, Patons, Hoooked, and more! 

crochet hooks
Custom Made Hook ($12 value per box)

In every box, there is an unique custom made hook included! They are mainly clay handled metal hooks with different colors and textures but will vary more in 2022! 

So even if the same hook size is included through out the year, every featured hook is unique and collectible! 

Crochet Pattern and Support ($10 per box value)

In every box, there is a featured pattern that is beginners to easy skill level. Every month a different item to be made is featured with different (easy) stitches or stitch combinations. 

Past projects include pillow covers, market bags, wall hangings, table runner / placemats, mittens, hats, cowls, scarves, project bags, and more!

In addition to the pattern, subscribers can email Yarn Bits Shop at any time for pattern help! 

Shipping ($7 per box value)

Shipping and handling fees are included in the box cost so there is no hidden costs (except taxes for some states!)

VIP Membership
($15 per month value)

As a subscriber, you get first access to any new products that Yarn Bits Shop releases! 

AND 20% off all one-time items!  

Subscribers Only Facebook Group (Priceless really)

As a subscriber, you are invited to join the Subscribers only Facebook community to connect to other crocheters, to share your unboxings and projects, and ask questions there! 

Membership Hub ($15 per month)

As a subscriber, the pattern and any additional support is available inside the membership hub of the Yarn Bits Shop website! 

Total Value: $75+ per month!

Subscribe for $35 per month or $385 per year!


Plus… No Hassle!
Cancel or Skip boxes anytime

Who is it for?

A Monthly Crocheting Kit Subscription For…

The True Beginner

You’re relatively new to crocheting and you need practice. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the huge amounts of yarn and pattern options available to choose from. 

QuickProjects boxes are perfect for beginners because you will learn new stitches or stitch combinations every single month without being overwhelmed.

QuickProject Boxes projects are not a large project- making it perfect for beginners to practice with ease while making functional items for yourself or for gifts! 

The Seasoned Beginner

You’re not new to crocheting but you don’t want to take on the challenges of learning complicated patterns or techniques because you’re busy, don’t have much mental energy, or just because. 

QuickProjects boxes are perfect for seasoned beginners because it allows you to enjoy crocheting a wide variety of items with many types of yarn without challenging you too much or taking too much time. 

QuickProject Boxes feature combinations of the foundational stitches and other easy stitches for interesting and fun projects that are perfect for seasoned beginners. 

The Busy Professional

You work every day and your life is busy. You want to pick up your crocheting to unwind and de-stress but there’s the obstacle of shopping for yarn and picking a pattern that isn’t JUST the foundational stitches. 

QuickProjects is the perfect box for the busy professional since you don’t need to worry about shopping for yarn or searching for a pattern. The boxes will just show up at your door every single month and all you need to do is pick up your hook and crochet away. 

QuickProjects are also meditative, stress free projects that are perfect for unwinding after a long day or week at work. 

The Advanced Crocheter

You need a break from complicated projects to just crochet something easy and fun. Maybe you need a “palate cleanser” with a smaller project after mainly making large projects.

Just because you’re an intermediate to advanced crocheter, you do not need to always make intermediate or more difficult patterns. QuickProjects is a great in between projects project since they are small, stress-free, and easy to do while relaxing.

QuickProjects will refresh your crojo after working on large projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the box ship?

The QuickProjects Box ships the first week of each month. If you subscribe in the first 10 days of the month, your first box will ship ASAP  (unless sold out). After the 10th, your first box will be in the next batch. 

What if I don’t like that month’s featured project? 

I completely undertand if you don’t love a featured project! The boxes are curated for a large amount of people so it does happen that a project just doesn’t vibe. Depending on the month and yarn, there may be alterative project ideas included in the pattern booklet. If not, you can always contact us for ideas if desire! Otherwise, the yarn can be added to your stash for a later project. 

Why does the boxes feature large brand name yarns? 

So you can buy more of the yarns you love easily! And so there are more options for the boxes throughout the years in terms of materials, weight, and colors! 

What is the benefit of subscribing annually?

You get one of the boxes for free! Instead of paying for 12 boxes (a year’s worth), you are paying for 11 and getting one free. In addition, you do not need to worry about a monthly charge! You pay once and are set for a whole year. 

How can I get help with patterns? 

You can email help@yarnbitsshop.com with questions about patterns. Even better, you can post in the subscribers only Facebook group so that others can benefit from your questuon! 

Are there color choices for QuickProject Boxes? 

For the QuickProject Subscription, everyone gets the same color yarn every month. 

Are there video tutorials? 

No, not for the full patterns. In 2022, we’re adding more supporting videos for stitches and any more complicated aspects of patterns but there will be no full patterns tutorials.

Can I see some past projects/boxes?

Scroll down! Note- The examples do not show the sticker ot handmade hooks.

I have a question before I subscribe, where can I ask this? 

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please email help@yarnbitsshop.com and someone will respond to you Monday-Fridays. 

How does this work?

Step 1: Subscribe

Pick term (Monthy or Annually) and subscribe! 

You will be added to the VIP membership and have access to the membership hub automatically. You will need to request access to the Subscribers Only Facebook Group and await approval. 

Step 2: Delivery and Crocheting! 

Wait for your first box to be delievered! 

Once you get your box… Crochet away! Ask questions in the group as needed!

P.S…Sharing your unboxing or finished projects is greatly appreciated!! 

Step 3: Renewal

If you are a monthly subscriber, the renewal is processed on the 11th of each month for the next month’s box. For example, you renew on March 11th for the April box. 

If you’re an annual subscriber, a new shipment will be generated for you each month but you wlll not be charged until one year from your subscribe date. 

Step 4: Repeat!

Repeat 2-4 monthly! 

If you need to skip a box, this option is available in your account on the Yarn Bits Shop website anytime. Skipping moves your renewal to the following month and you will not receive the next box, 

Refund Policy

For annual subscriptions, no refunds are granted after the first box ships. All other refund requests must be made via email to help@yarnbitsshop.com and there is a 10% processing fee for refunds granted.

Past Boxes Yarn and Projects

Hoooked Ribbon Heart Pillow or Wall Hanging
Caron x Patone Ripple Project Bag
Bernat Velvet Basketweave Pillows

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