Everchanging Broomstick Lace Blanket


This blanket is a great way to learn and practice Broomstick Lace crocheting. The first part of the pattern will cover what Broomstick Lace crocheting is and how to do the different aspects needed. After the overview, the three square patterns are provided. One square utilizes only the straight knitting needle to create the loops and is worked from bottom to top. This square is the best place to start with learning and practicing the technique. The other two squares utilizes both the straight (towards the center only) and circular knitting needles to work from inside out. After all squares are made, they are connected with either black yarn if seam visibility is not desired or the Tweed yarn if the seam visibility is desired. Lastly, with the remaining Mandala Tweed Stripes yarn, a border is made. If there is enough yarn, a round of broomstick lace can be crocheted. With 5 skeins of the Mandala Tweed Stripes yarn, 24 squares can be made (each skein yields 5-6 squares). Depending on the number of each square design made, the amount of yarn left will determine the border thickness.