Weekly Sunday Night Round Up

Blog Post of Week: More blogs coming soon! Including unboxings, techniques overviews, and more. 

Social Media Post of Week: SPRING cleaning is happening at my house with my personal stash. Follow YBS on TikTok to see the process (more videos this week since I made a huge mess of my office!!) 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the mini Crochet Along! If you missed it- you’ll be able to get the same mCAL email series with some updates including video! Stay tuned. 

Weekly Special features a PACK of yarn. Click here to get early access.

Featured Product of Week: The new chunky flower blanket! I’m shipping them this week! 

Coming soon: There will also be 2 new flowery kits and another kit that will be perfect for Mother’s Day available very soon. 

Coming Soon!

Shipped: CrochetMastery 23.2! If you haven’t gotten yours, give it until the end of the week then contact me! 

This week: Members only Facebook Group is opening again! 

April 7th: Crochet Along Society membership 1st CAL part! This is a new membership that is only $7/month! and all BOX subscribers will get it as a part of their subscription! Sign up NOW: https://yarnbitsshop.thrivecart.com/monthly-crochet-along-society/

Shipping 2nd or 3rd week April: BlanketBox 23.2