Weekly Sunday Night Round Up

Blog Post of Week: More blogs coming soon! Including unboxings, techniques overviews, and more. 

Social Media Post of Week: SPRING cleaning is happening at my house with my personal stash. Follow YBS on TikTok to see the process (more videos this week since I made a huge mess of my office!!) 

The biggest update of the week is that the Spring Mini CAL starts TOMORROW!! If you haven’t signed up yet, the form is down below! 

It is 5 days, 5 motifs that are all spring themed. You can take these motifs and make a various decor or accessory items- there will be a bonus sheet of finished projects at the end of the week! 

Crochet Alongs are going to become the bigger part of Yarn Bits Shop in a few ways. 

The subscription boxes will have optional CAL emails with CAL posts in the private subscribers-only group. 

There is a new membership opening in April that is ALL about the CAL experience with a monthly CAL (email/posts each Friday with a part of the pattern for the month). Box subscribers get access to this membership for FREE! The items will be smaller items and very seasonal!

I will also be hosting mini CALs like this week’s more often (every other month or so!).

Crochet Alongs are a way to bring people together to focus our energies collectively on one project at a time. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am! 

Weekly Special will be featuring a COLOR PACK of yarn

Featured Product of Week: Presale of a new chunky flower blanket! I’m wrapping up on the pattern. Get it first for $10 off regular price! 

Coming Soon!

Shipped: CrochetMastery 23.2! 

April 1st: Crochet Along Society membership- only $7/month! and all BOX subscribers will get it as a part of their subscription! Sign up NOW: https://yarnbitsshop.thrivecart.com/monthly-crochet-along-society/

Shipping early April: BlanketBox 23.2

March 20-24: Spring Cleaning Mini Crochet Along- SIGN UP BELOW