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QP Ripple Project Bag

Ripple Project Bag

February 2020 QuickProjects

Designed by Lauren Samar for Yarn Bits Shop

Feel free to email for pattern help or questions:

The Caron x Patone collaboration resulted in beautifully colored yarn combinations  with 5 high quality hanks braided up. The main downside of these braids is the small volume of yarn in a single braid. But with spectacular color combinations already provided, fun projects can certainly be created with these braids. This project in particular focuses on ripples- something not seen as often outside of crochet blankets- as it’s an interesting way to feature this yarn. The project bag is a cute way to carry some yarn around but it can also be repurposed as a clutch for a night out!

Ripple Project Bag Pattern

Supplies: 2  braids of Caron x Patone, size G Hook, yarn needle, (optional) button

Skill:  Easy

Gauge:  One ripple width (valley to valley) = ~ 1.75″; 8 rows of ripples = ~ 2″

Dimensions: ~6.5″ x 8″ flat (not including flap).

See bottom of page 6 for different size options.

Unbraiding the yarn

The Caron x Patone braids come with 5 hanks looped into the one above it and it isn’t obvious how to get the yarn balled up.

  • Take the tag out.
  • At the top and bottom of the braid, there is a piece of yarn  going in the opposite direction of most of the strands. Snip that off.
  • Pull the top/bottom hank out of the next hank towards the center. Repeat until all colors are separated.
  • Each hank is twisted up into smaller loops for the braid, untwist the hank until the hank is one larger loop (all will be the same size). There will be a spot on the loop where the hank is tied.
  • Untie the beg/end of the skein and place over a corner (back of chair, over your knee, etc) and wind up into a ball. Repeat for all colors. 
  • Get crocheting!

Special stitches:

sc3tog = single crochet 3 together.

  • Insert hook in first sp, yo and pull through sp (2 loops on hook)
  • Insert hook in second sp, yo and pull through sp (3 loops on hook)
  • Insert hook in 3rd sp, yo and pull through sp (4 loops on hook)
  • Yo and pull through all loops on hook (1 loop on hook)

sc2tog = sc 2 together: Steps 1 and 2 then 4 of above.

Color options:

With the alternating directions of the rounds, it is recommanded to keep one color over 2 or multiple of 2 rows due to how the sc3tog looks on the wrong side. However, if you want to do single rows, test out the color combinations and have fun!

There are SO many options with color combinatons here. You can do a simple order of 2 rows of each color or you can do a bit more complicated combination. Take some time to think about what you would like before starting! Also see bottom of page 6 for size variation guide.


With color A, Ch 36

Round 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. In the last ch, sc 2 more in same sp (one for the center and one for the other side). Sc in each ch across on the other side to where the round started. sc 2 in beg ch (3 sc in beg and end of row). sl st to first sc. Do not turn. (72 sc total)

Round 2: ch 1, sc in same sp (first sc off to the end sc), *hdc in next, dc in next, tr in next 2 sp, dc in next, hdc in next, sc in next, sl st in next, sc in next**, repeat from * to ** 6 more times , repeat * to ** skipping the last sc, sl st to beg sc. Fasten off (if desired color change happens here). (8 peaks, 4 on each side).

Round 3: With color B (if desired) and crochet in same direction as previous round, sl st to sp between 2 tr on any peak. ch 1, (sc, hdc, sc) in same sp, *sc in next 3, sc3tog with next 3 sp, sc in next 3, (sc, hdc, sc) in sp between 2 tr**, repeat from * to ** around, sl st to beg sc, turn.

Round 4: Crocheting in opposite direction as previous round, ch 1, sc in next 2 sp, *sc3tog, sc in next 3 sp, (sc, hdc, sc) in center of peak sp, sc in next 3 sp**, repeat from * to ** around to beg, sl st to beg ch. Fasten off if maintaining 2 rows of each color pattern. 


For the body, remember the following: Each peak will have (sc, hdc, sc) at the center. Each side of the peak will have 3 sc. Each valley will be sc3tog. Fasten off one color and start new color with sl st for all color changes.

Round 5: Sl st to center of peak sp, ch 1, (sc, hdc, sc) in same sp, *sc in next 3, sc3tog with next 3 sp, sc in next 3, (sc, hdc, sc) in center of peak sp**, repeat from * to ** around, sl st to beg sc. turn.

Round 6: Repeat round 4.

Repeat rounds 5 and 6 until 30 rounds are completed or desired length is achieved.


There are two main options for the opening of the project bag. A flap can be created or the opening can be even all around and be closed with a drawstring woven in around towards the opening.

Drawstring option:

Crochet the desired length of the body. Cut a length of 1 or more strands of the yarn. Weave strands around bag (I recommend using the peak spaces a couple rows down. Knot ends of strand(s) and test pulling strands to close bag.

Flap option:

With color of choice and back of bag facing you, sl st to sp next to center of valley on one end. 

Row 1: ch 1, sc in same sp, sc in next 3 sp, *(sc, hdc, sc) in center of peak sp, sc in next 3 sp, sc3tog, sc in next 3 sp**, repeat from * to ** along ONE side of the bag (4 peaks), (sc, hdc, sc) in 4th peak, sc in next 4 sp, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, sc2tog over first and second sp, sc in next 3 sp, *(sc, hdc, sc) in center of peak sp, sc in next 3 sp, sc3tog, sc in next 3 sp**, repeat from * to ** to last peak, sc in next 3 sp on last side, sc2tog over last 2 sp, turn.

Repeat row 2 for desired length of flap, maintaining color combination desired.

If desired:

Create a simple rectangle and sew it on for a wrist/short strap on the back of the bag or over the top. Add a button if desired to keep flap closed.

Size variation: 

For a wider bag, ch a multiple of 9 for the beg ch. For every additional multiple, there will be 2 additional peaks (one on either side of the bag).

Pattern Declaimer

This is a paid pattern originally designed for a Yarn Bits Shop subscription box. 

You have permission to sell any item made from this pattern. However, you are not allowed to resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern or downloads in any printed or digital form (in full), or to claim the pattern as your own original design. If you want to sell or share a picture of your work from this pattern, please clearly credit the design to me: Lauren Samar of Yarn Bits Shop (with link to the website when applicable). 

Occasionally a mistake or typo falls through, please report them via email ( and the pattern will be updated accordingly.