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QP November 2020 – Stars and Corkscrews Tissue Box Cover

Stars and Corkscrews Tissue Box Cover

November 2020 QuickProjects

Designed by Lauren Samar for Yarn Bits Shop

Feel free to email for pattern help or questions:

Tissue Box Cover Pattern

Skill Level: Beginners

Hook: Size I

Gauge: N/A 

Yarn: Premier Yarns Everyday Anti-pilling (2 skeins/colors)

The first sections are single crochet (solid) bases. If the moss stitch with both colors are desired, read the 2nd section first. Image is just an example of one way to make it the base is the same but the decorations/amount of decorations can be different! 

Side Surface Pieces

Measure the surfaces of the tissue box you normally buy. For example- the one we normally use is a cube with each surface being 4.5×4.5 inches. The rectangular ones will have 2 different measurements for sides. Keeping the box nearby is helpful also! 


Working one side at a time, ch an odd number of stitches plus 1. The length of the ch should cover the width of one side of your box (for example, it was 19 ch for the 4.5×4.5 side and I started with 20 ch). It does not have to go over the sides since there will be a border round that will help fill in a bit of the surface at the end.


Foundation Row

  • sc in 2nd ch from hook
  • sc in each ch across
  • turn

Stitches Count: number of beg ch minus 1


Row 2

  • ch 1
  • sc in each sp across
  • turn

Stitches Count: SAME as foundation row

Repeat Row 2 until the square/rectangle covers the surface. 



  • It is ok if it is a little bit smaller since there is a border round. If it’s too big, it won’t be snug against the box. 
  • Also, keep an eye on the edges- make sure they’re straight and that your tension is good throughout. 
  • If your work is warping a lot, you may need to adjust your foundation work- loosening or tightening your beginning chains. Or change hook size. 
  • The other common issue is your width of the chain may not actually cover the surface enough so you may need to add more chains. 


  • ch 1
  • sc in each sp across to end of top side
  • ch 2 for corner
  • sc in each row down side
  • ch 2 for corner
  • sc in each bottom of beg ch sp across bottom
  • ch 2 for corner
  • sc in each row up side
  • ch 2 for last corner
  • sl st into first sc and fasten off. 

Stitches Count: Top and bottom should be the same number of stitches as the row stitches, sides should be the number of rows worked (if it took 20 rows prior to the border, there should be 20 stitches on the side). 


Repeat for all 4 sides of the tissue box (not top). 


NOTE- The number of ROWS worked for each piece should be the same for all pieces since the height is the same. 

Moss Stitch Alternative for SIDES only

The moss stitch is a straight forward stitch but here, we’re adding another color to make it more interesting. The second color is ONLY worked over and carried up the edges of the row. The beginning chain set-up is the same as above and an odd number of stitches is a must here. 


Foundation Row

  • Take second yarn color, make a loop and sl st into last ch with tail on outside and leading strand above next ch
  • With first color loop, sc in 2nd ch from hook working OVER color 2
  • sc in each ch across, carrying color 2 down the row and working OVER it 
  • turn
  • tug sides of piece to ensure the carried yarn is not pulling sides in too much

Stitches Count: number of beg ch minus 1

Row 2

  • With BOTH colors, ch 1
  • With only color 1, sc in each sp across, working OVER color 2
  • turn
  • tug sides of piece to ensure the carried yarn is not pulling sides in too much

Stitches Count: SAME as foundation row

Repeat Row 2 until the square/rectangle covers the surface. 

Fasten off color 2 and complete the border with ONLY color 1.

Top with tissue dispenser slot

You will be repeating the side surface pieces pattern until halfway, making a slit, then continuing with the second half. 

Repeat the set-up, foundation row, and row 2 of the above pattern. 

Repeat row 2 until you’re halfway through– this is easy if your top is the same size as one of the pieces already made- work half of the rows you did for that piece. 

Slit Row 1

  • determine how wide you want your slit to be (you can always test it out after the next 2 rows)
  • with the slit size in mind- determine the number of stitches on either side of the slit
  • ch 1
  • sc in next sp until slit begins
  • skip all spaces until other side of slit
  • ch number of spaces skipped
  • sc in each sp until end of row
  • turn

Stitches Count: total number of sc and ch are the same as the width of row, number of skipped stitches and number of chains for slit should be the same. 

Slit Row 2:

  • ch 1
  • sc in each sp and ch created across
  • turn

Stitches Count: same as row 2 pattern worked.

Test slit out on the tissue box and adjust as needed by undoing work and repeating with more/less spaces skipped for slit. 

Repeat row 2 until the top surface is covered. Compared to the same size side, the top should have only ONE extra row containing Slit Row 1. For example if the same size side piece had 20 rows, the top should have 21 rows (10 rows on either side of the slit). 

Repeat the border round and fasten off. 


After all the pieces have been made (5 total), they can be joined together. The sides will be joined together first then the top will be added last. 


The side pieces will all be oriented in the same direction- the beginning foundation row work should be at the bottom of the box. This will keep the look uniform all around. 

Connect edges: 

  • With two neighboring pieces, line up the edges. 
  • With the same color yarn OR if you want to highlight corner crease- use other yarn color
  • make loop
  • sl st into BOTH corner sp at TOP (you’re working from top to bottom of cover)
  • *with next stitch lined up- pick up back loop of piece closer to you and front loop of piece further away from you, yarn over and pull through both loops (sl st with specific loops)
  • Repeat from * down edge
  • sl st into BOTH corner sp at BOTTOM
  • Fasten off


Repeat for all edges around, connecting each side in order. 


Connecting the top piece is slightly different due to the number of stitches on top/bottom vs sides may be different. Repeat the steps for connecting edges for top/bottom of top piece with corresponding edges since the stitches count will be the same. For connecting the SIDES of the top piece to the top of the side pieces, the number of stitches will most likely NOT match up. In this case, line up sides and use stitch markers to keep edges together. You will need to add extra sl st to some spaces on one piece since NOT all the spaces will line up one to one. 

Decorations for cover

After the cover base is done, the motifs to decorate the exterior of the cover can be completed. Below are two motif patterns- the corkscrew and the star motifs. The corkscrew motifs can be attached to the top edge and bottom edge all the way around give more texture.

Weave in all ends. 

Corkscrew Motif

To make 3D corkscrew motifs, 

  • ch desired length (2-3 less than height of box is a good starting point) plus 2
  • hdc in 2nd sp from hook
  • 2 more hdc in same sp
  • 3 hdc in each sp across
  • fasten off

To attach to the tissue box cover: tie or sew the top and bottom of motif (with twists as desired) to edges all around, adding as many as desired.

Star Motif

To start star motif, ch 2.

Round 1

  • 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook
  • join with sl st to first sc

Stitches Count: 5 sc

Round 2

  • ch 1
  • 3 sc in each sp around
  • join with sl st to first sc

Stitches Count: 15 sc

Round 3

  • ch 1
  • sc in first sp
  • *ch 6, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, tr in next ch, tr around sc at base, sk next 2 sp**, sc in next sp, 
  • repeat from * ending last rep at **
  • join with sl st to beg sc
  • fasten off

Stitches Count: 5 peaks each with 1 sl st, 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, and 2 tr 

To attach to the tissue box cover: Sew star(s) onto cover as desired. 

Alternative Project ideas 

Mini basket– no slit in 5th piece (would be bottom here instead of top), may want to add another round to edges since they will be more visible. Edge round would just be sc in each sp around with sc2tog over corner sp to maintain corners. 

Wall Hanging with one piece base and stars/corkscrews motifs artistically placed.

Cozies– Cover a rectangular/straight edged basket, jar, etc with base work and motifs- base is very dependent on the shape of whatever is to be covered. 

Email Lauren for help with the pattern or if you want more ideas! 

Pattern Declaimer

This is a paid pattern originally designed for a Yarn Bits Shop subscription box. 

You have permission to sell any item made from this pattern. However, you are not allowed to resell, distribute, duplicate, or share this pattern or downloads in any printed or digital form (in full), or to claim the pattern as your own original design. If you want to sell or share a picture of your work from this pattern, please clearly credit the design to me: Lauren Samar of Yarn Bits Shop (with link to the website when applicable). 

Occasionally a mistake or typo falls through, please report them via email ( and the pattern will be updated accordingly.